I love doing sports, such as jogging, swimming, skiing. But I am one of those people that does not like to go to a gym, be inside when doing sports. Nevertheless, I needed an additional type of sport to improve other parts of my body and to strengthen my muscles. Therefore, I signed up for a small group training in July 2019 with Jennifer Bexley, the Jennuine Fitness trainer.

AND, I love working out with her. Contrary to a gym where you use heavy machines, we are working with our body and the strength and advantages of the body, which I prefer. We are doing it outside and surrounded by beautiful nature. I love the atmosphere of the area where we do sports.

Jenny motivates me and helps to improve my strength and shows me how much I can actually do. Since July I have increased my strength enormously, especially my arms and back. The way she explains each exercise with her calm, confident and pleasant voice helps us a lot.

Also my body shape has changed positively since July and I feel fitter then ever. It was the best decision ever joining her classes. And I can’t wait for the next months continuing training with her. THANK YOU JENNY FOR YOUR HELP, DEDICATION AND HARD WORK TO HELP US IMPROVING OURSELVES PHISICALLY AND ALSO EMOTIONALLY.

Cornelia Kck

I’m currently training with Jenn now and have been throughout the summer.  Jenn is absolutely fantastic, and I can’t believe everything that she does for me.

Jenn comes to me, brings all the equipment, creates amazing playlists and gives me advice on my health, my body, fitness exercises to do when she’s not here and a bit of girly advise if needed.

It’s always fun and I leave smiling! Thanks Jenn!!

Claire Louise Carter

I have trained for more than a year with Jenn and she has literally transformed my body. Full of energy, loves her work and full of tips to do multiple different exercises. Fun class and also pushing you to your limits, which is good. I do recommend her! 👍
Javier Dexter

Jen trained me last winter, always on time “unfortunately” and put me through my paces every morning from 8am.

Couldn’t recommend Jen enough!

Dwayne Nolan

Jenny is a profesional Im seing the results
Nacho Deniro

I love every minute training with Jennuine Fitness! Pushed to my limit with amazing results! 
Zoe Hillier

I’m so glad I joined Jen’s classes she keeps me motivated and no one has ever pushed me as much as she has.. I enjoy the fact she mixes up the classes so I never know what to expect..
Leanne Marie Cairney-McDonagh


People are joining the community with all over world that are transforming their lives for the better.

Fitness does not need to be difficult and sometimes all we need is a little bit of inspiration and motivation to help us on our way.  Jennuine Fitness is dedicated to helping people transform their lives one day at a time.

No matter what your daily life entails, it is possible to improve your quality of living with exercise and nutrition.   You do not need to bust your balls and enter into extreme weight loss or fitness plan.  With one step at a time we can all achieve our goals in a safe and healthy manner.

Join the community and discover, embrace and sustain healthy and affordable lifestyle choices. 

Be motivated and inspired and get fit on your terms and live your best life.

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