Stay fit over Christmas!?  To the majority, this is often a challenge and we all know what it’s like during the festive season.  Time tends to run short and we put exercising and eating healthy on hold until after the New Year. 

In addition, we find excuses not to exercise because it’s cold outside and we feel that we don’t have a lot of time on our hands.  

However, there are some ways in which you can help yourself stay motivated and fit over the festive season, try to commit to the following and stay fit over Christmas.

#1. Don’t leave it too long

Try not to leave exercising over Christmas for longer than a few days.  Prioritise your workouts in the morning to avoid any distractions or encouragements not to go.

#2. Walk, walk, walk

Make a commitment to yourself to get out for a walk for at least 30 minutes per day.  Try to make it a family affair and go together.   Remember. if you walk at a brisk pace that makes you breathe a little faster you will increase your heart rate and increase the benefits of the exercise.

#3. Workout at home

If you find that it is impossible to get to the gym or it is too cold to go for that run. Workout at home with a home video off of youtube.  Or if you have a jump rope at home, pick it up and skip for 20 minutes.

#4. Feel energyless? Move!

People tend to feel sluggish during the festive season and will use this as an excuse not to workout.  However, this is the wrong idea, exercise releases a chemical called seratonin which increases energy flow, makes you feel better and relieves tension.  Just 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week will make you feel healthier and happier.

#5. Stretch

Make an effort to get up off of your chair or the couch every 60 minutes and have a walk around the house and stretch to get the blood circulating.

#6. Drink a lot of water

Stay hydrated!  Drinking lots of water will help satiate your appetite to ovoid overeating and also helps to prevent any possible hangovers….

#7. Eat less more often

Try not to eat everything all at once and limit your meals accordingly. It is a good idea to put what you are going to eat in a bowl or on a plate instead of picking randomly so you can see exactly the portion sizes you are eating.


Exercise boosts the immune system?  It is important to keep exercising during the Christmas period to help reduce the chance of sickness.  Drinking decreases the immune system, going out in the cold and also being in contact with a variety of people increases this risk.  Try to stay fit over Christmas and head out for that run or walk to avoid getting sick and also to avoid getting flabby round the sides! 


Want some motivation?  Check out: Motivation Quotes #1

Don’t give up – Stay fit over Chrtistmas!!


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