The Gym Junkie Program: Get Your Pump On!

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The Gym Junkie Program provides you with 12 weeks worth of workouts that are accessible from your phone and catered towards your goals.  You also have the support of your own personal online coach that helps tweak your program and chat to you about any problems you may be facing.

The app allows you to access to demonstration videos in order to view the exercises in your work out.  Progress will be tracked through the online app and your workouts will be reviewed with the trainer giving you the confidence you need to successfully train on your own.

The Gym Junkie Program is for you if you;

  • Like going to the gym or find that the gym is a more convenient place for you to train.
  • Want a trainer but can't afford to pay for private PT sessions
  • Are currently bored with your current program and need guidance with workout plans
  • Unsure if you are training correctly and need instruction on the exercises
  • Feel like you are not getting anywhere with your current training program and are not seeing results
  • Find it hard to motivate yourself and need someone to make you accountable for your workouts

The gym junkie program includes workouts catered to your own individual needs.  In order to find out how your program is going to be designed a questionnaire will be provided upon sign- up.  This will request information on the equipment that is provided in your gym and the program will be built accordingly.  Workouts can be designed for 30 minutes up to 1 hour and incorporate all key components of fitness; cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility.

Here is a total list of what is included with the program;

  • Workouts built after my own and catered towards your needs
  • Videos in the workout plan to follow whilst you are training
  • Workout app that can be accessed anywhere in the world
  • Client support through facebook group
  • Q&A with me on the workout app at anytime.
  • Videos of the exercises
  • Your own transformation


The Gym Junkie Program is a one time fee and the programs lasts for 12 weeks.  If you are unsatisfied within 14-days upon purchase a full refund will be made.

1 review for The Gym Junkie Program: Get Your Pump On!

  1. Hayley Johns

    I loved working with Jenn on this program. I was a bit nervous in the gym and I really did not know what I was doing. The online app helped me to view the exercises correctly and built my confidence. I also loved being in contact with Jenn to help me through the process.

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