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Learning how to swim is an important life skill which is fun and can be used in a variety of enjoyable environments. Whether you want to improve your confidence, technique, learn a specific skill or ensure that your child is safe in and around water, I am here to help.

Group swim lessons for children up to the age or 6 years take place in San Carlos in a heated oxygenised pool. The course consists of 6 lessons for 30 minutes in length (maximum 5 children per class)

Baby Swim / Toddler & Preschool Swim

Adult swim lessons location will be set upon booking and are a length of 1 hour.

Lessons consist of learning skills such as;

Front and back floating
Front and back gliding
Putting the head into the water and submersion
Front crawl and back stroke
Movement from the side of the pool back to the edge
Water safety

All lessons are payable upfront and will be booked for the time requested.  If a session needs to be re-scheduled or cancelled then notice of at least 12-hours will need to be provided otherwise the session will be forfeited.  The fee also includes travel and IVA.

Please contact me to discuss timings especially if you are booking sessions for the summer

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Group Swim Lessons

Baby & Preschool Group Swim, Adult Swim


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