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Are you looking for exercise therapy?  Do you have a chronic condition or illness that needs special care and attention? Do you need to get back on your feet after an injury and need some assistance?

As someone that suffers from chronic pain and inflammation I understand how debilitating certain conditions can be.  I’ll help you to slowly and gently get back into a workout regime and regain your physical and mental strength.

Exercise therapy allows specialists to come together and bridge the gap between rehabilitation and restoration.  By applying exercise like medication and finding the right balance exercise is therapy and key to getting you feeling like you again.  

I work carefully with you and your physician to help improve functional fitness and activities of daily living without exasperating your current condition.  Sessions can take place at your home or in a hydrotherapy pool to assist with movement and joint pain.

Please note that before participating in an exercise program I will need to speak with your physician and a medical assessment and clearance form is required.

For more information about exercise therapy in Ibiza then please feel free to contact me directly.

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Exercise Therapy

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