30 Minute Challenge

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The 30 Minute Challenge is ideal for those that want to train but don’t have enough time in their lives to get to the gym.  The program provides you with 12 weeks worth of workouts and these workouts can be performed in the comfort of your own home and with the use of no equipment.

You will have access to demonstration videos in order to view the exercises in your work out.  Progress will be tracked through the online app and your workouts will be reviewed with the trainer, giving you the confidence you need to successfully train on your own

The 30 minute challenge is for you if you;

  • Find it hard to get to the gym or don’t have a lot of time in the day due to work or children
  • Have no equipment at home but want to workout
  • Travel frequently and want to squeeze a workout in wherever you may be

The 30 Minute Challenge involves workouts of 30 minutes incorporating all key movements for cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  You will have continuous support from me as your online trainer that will encourage you and make you accountable for your workouts.

Here is a total list of what’s included in the program;

  • Workouts built after my own
  • Videos in the workout plan to follow whilst you are training
  • Workout app that can be accessed anywhere in the world
  • Client support through facebook group
  • Q&A with me on the workout app anytime you need.
  • Videos of the exercises
  • Your own transformation

The 30 Minute Challenge is a one time fee and the programs lasts for 12 weeks.  If you are unsatisfied within 14-days upon purchase a full refund will be made.

1 review for 30 Minute Challenge

  1. Sarah Wright

    This program was great for my schedule as I have very limited time on my hands. I felt pushed with each workout and enjoyed the variety of exercises. I was a lot fitter by the end and I could see my abs! I definitely loved the fact that I did not need any equipment and could do the workouts at home…. and of course working with Jenn was amazing 🙂

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