Personal Training Benefits

When you decide that it’s time to get into shape, finding the way to start can often be a tricky task for the majority of us.  You may ask, what do I do, where do I start?  Should I be doing cardio or lifting weights?  Should I go to classes, do I use the gym or can I train at home? How long should I be working out for? What shall I eat? When do I eat? What time of day should I be working out?

These are all questions that we face when starting a new program.  These doubts can often confuse us resulting in people half arsed attempts or giving up.  Investing in a trainer will help to overcome these confusions, fears and insecurities when starting with a new program.

Personal training benefits you in the following ways;

#1.  Set realistic targets

You know what you want to do, lose weight, tone up and work on those areas that make you feel uncomfortable.   However, it is common that people set targets that are unrealistic starting goals.

When you set long-term goals and you don’t see the results within a specific time frame this can often be disheartening.  Personal training benefits you to work with the trainer and set targets that are realistic within a specific time frame.

Working towards your end goal will take time but it is important to take it step by step and congratulate yourself for hitting the small targets along the way.  Working with a trainer will help you overcome the small hurdles whilst working towards your destination.

#2.  Stay on top of your nutrition goals

It is easy to forget how important nutrition is in conjunction with a fitness regime.  Studies show that we should have an 80/20 approach to food and fitness.  80% of your focus should be on your nutrition and 20% on exercise.

Personal training benefits you to work on you eating habits and implement healthy nutritious meals to your daily living along with your fitness program.  Fuelling your body with the right foods is essential when training on a regular basis.  Your body needs the right foods to change and continue to change throughout the program.  A trainer will help you to work towards optimal wellbeing for optimised performance.

#3.  Less risk of injury

Commonly people tend to injure themselves when starting a new program.  It is important to take it slow and work on the core exercises that will make you strong to perform heavier lifts and perform longer and more intense workouts. 

Personal training benefits you to work on specific areas that may need improvement and increase your strength.  It also helps you to improve your range of motion and flexibility, decreasing your risk of injury.

#4.  Monitored weight loss and bosy statistics

When starting your program with a trainer, your trainer will take the time to take your weight, measurements and photographs.  Starting a gym routine on your own, these are often overlooked.  People tend to stay focused on their weight and forget about the other changes that happen to their body, and this should not be the case. 

There are many changes that that happen whilst you train in a long-term program.  Personal training benefits you to stay on top of this, enabling you to see the small and big changes along the way.

#5.  Push through plateaus

It is very easy to give up on a workout or not give it your best shot.   Some days you may not feeling it, you might get distracted and sack the workout off completely.  Personal training benefits you to stay focused during your workout and to not give up.  When you feel like you can’t do it or want to give up then the trainer will push you to give it just that little bit more.

#6. Implement new ideas and changes to your daily routine

You may feel that you don’t have time to train or it is difficult to implement a fitness and healthy eating regime to your life.  You may work long hours, travel or have kids and you really can’t find the time to squeeze everything in. 

Personal training benefits you to work closely with the trainer to establish how you can work towards making your life compatible with improved health and fitness.   There is always time to make a change, it might only small to start but small changes mount up to one big change.

#7.  Keeps clients accountable for their workout

Knowing that you have booked a training session and your trainer will be meeting you makes you responsible for your workout.  It is hard to cancel when you have someone dedicated to helping you get fit. 

Personal training benefits obligates you to stay on top of your sessions.  It is an unpleasant feeling to let someone down, especially if you just can’t be bothered.  Working with a trainer will help you stay committed to the cause.

#8.  See results quicker than training on their own

With a combination of all the practices I have discussed in this article personal training benefits you to see the results quickly.  It might be that you are increasing your reps and weights or improving in certain areas that were not too good to start.   

A personal trainer will take notes and stats on your workouts so when you do those extra push-ups or plank for longer you know that you have improved from last session.

#9.  Support network

This is exceptionally important when starting a new challenge.  If you don’t have people around that support and encourage you it is very easy to fail.  Personal training benefits you to feel the support and encouragement you need.  If you ever feel in doubt you can always call or message the trainer 😉

#10.  Motivate and Inspire

Finally, personal training benefits you to gets the motivation and inspiration you need to start to train and continue on your own.  Sometimes all we need is a little bit of motivation to help us along the way.  Working with someone that loves what they do will inspire you to get up and get moving and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

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