Personal Training Benefits

Is it time to up your fitness game?  Are you thinking about hiring a coach or are wondering how personal training really benefits you? 

Deciding that it’s time to get into shape can often be quite a confusing time for a lot of people.  There are so many style workouts, diets and different supplements out there on the market.  And with all these in mind, you may find that you just don’t know where to start or what to do…

You might ask yourself;

  • What do I do, how do I begin?  
  • Should I be doing cardio or lifting weights?  
  • Should I go to classes, do I use the gym or can I train at home? 
  • How long should I be working out for? 
  • What time of day should I be working out? 
  • What shall I eat? When do I eat? 
Personal Training Benefits

These are all common questions that you face when you are making a change.  It can become complicated and confusing without the right guidance and support.  

Are you the type of person that’s started resolutions, diets or exercise plans and given up after time?…Have you started with all the right intentions but they’ve fizzled away? Or maybe you’ve just never got started…. 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then working with a trainer can really help you to stick to a program and a new healthy routine.  

This is how personal training can benefit you;

#1.  Set realistic targets

You know what you want to do, get in shape and start feeling better about yourself, right?  Maybe you need to lose weight or put on some weight by building muscle?  Or maybe you need to get in shape because of a chronic condition, illness, disability, or just simply want to start feeling good again?

It’s easy to paint the picture of who you want to be and wanting it right now.  But health and fitness is not a quick fix, sustainable change takes time.  

By setting realistic targets with your coach, personal training encourages you to enjoy the process and be patient.  It gives you the opportunity to take time to congratulate yourself for hitting the small targets and also for overcoming the hurdles.  Setting realistic goals with a personal trainer gives you the chance to work at something and succeed one step at a time.

#2.  Stay on top of your nutrition goals

It is easy to forget how important nutrition is in conjunction with a fitness regime.  Studies show that we need to focus 80% on our food and 20% on our fitness.  Personal training benefits you to work on your eating habits by implementing healthy nutritious meals to your daily diet.

Fueling your body with the right foods is essential when training on a regular basis to get sustainable long lasting results.  Your body needs the right foods to adapt and to regularly continue to change.  Your trainer will help you by advising you on what to eat and when so that you can achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Personal Training Benefits

#3.  Less risk of injury

It’s very common to injure yourself when starting a new program.  This could be from not warming up properly or pushing yourself too hard without reading the signs.  The most common injury is from lifting weights incorrectly.  This could be with a hunched back or throwing your arm out in a peculiar position to pick something up.  

Injuries are horrible and a terrible setback especially if you’ve got into a routine and feel like you are being consistent and getting results.  Personal training benefits you to properly execute lifts and teach you proper technique and biomechanics.   

You will also learn how to use the correct muscles for specific exercises and train your core effectively to perform heavier lifts.  This will help you to improve by performing longer and more intense workouts. 

A personal trainer will also help you work on specific areas that may need attention.  This could be to help you to improve your range of motion through specific joints, increase flexibility and refine alignment.  All of which decreases your risk of injury.

Personal Training Benefits

#4.  Monitored Weight Loss & Body Statistics

Taking the time to take your body stats when starting a program is imperative.  Your personal trainer will weigh you and take your measurements and photographs.  By recording these statistics it is easier to monitor your progress and celebrate change. 

Generally, measurements and photos are often overlooked as people tend to get engrossed with the amount they weigh on the scale.  Even though it’s nice to see that you have lost weight this is not always the end result.  You might be looking for a reduction in body fat, or increased muscle, both of which are not reflective by how much you weigh.  

Personal training benefits you to stay on top of your body measurements and before and after photos with regular check-ins.  These are a fantastic way to view your progress and implement any changes you need to make along the way.  Remember you might find that your weight isn’t changing much but your body shape is!

#5.  Push Through Plateaus

Ok, so who’s going to know?… It’s really easy to give up before the timer goes or not do the full amount of reps when someone’s not watching.  We’re all human and some days might be a little tougher than others, but a trainer can really help and encourage you to try and keep going even if you’re not feeling up to it. 

Personal training gives you motivation to stay focused and to give your workout your best shot.  When you feel like you want to quit there’s your trainer, telling you that you can just do one more! 

Personal Training Benefits

#6. Implement New Habits To Your Daily Routine

Implementing new strategies and habits to your daily routine can sometimes be a little bit difficult.  It could be that you work long hours and can’t get to the gym….Maybe you travel a lot or have children, so you find it difficult to commit to a healthy eating regime or really can’t find the time to squeeze everything in.  

Working with a personal trainer will help you to see past the impossible by trying to incorporate small daily manageable habits.  Something is better than nothing when it comes to improving your lifestyle.  Thus, finding the small possible’s and working with them will mount up to one big “I CAN” in the end.

#7.  Keeps Clients Accountable For Workouts

Personal training can be expensive and canceling last minute usually incurs forfeiting the session.  So, knowing that you’ve got a workout booked with your trainer encourages you to stick to the plan and show up.  

Getting value for money is also an incentive to try your best and keeps you accountable… There’s no point hiring a trainer if you’re just going to stand there and have a chat.   

Your coach is dedicated to helping you achieve results and it is awful if you let someone down that cares about your wellness.  Whether it’s from not turning up or just not working hard in your session; being responsible for your own actions and health obligates you to stay committed to your goals.

Personal Training Benefits

#8.  Support Network

It can feel quite lonely when starting a new journey, especially when you don’t have anyone that’s got your back.  With a personal trainer in tow there’s no need to feel like you’re flying solo. 

They have your best interests at heart and will encourage you to get as much support as possible from family and friends.  The larger your support network the better success you will have.  So if you’re ever about to fall off the wagon and need support, call your personal trainer.

Personal Training Benefits

#9.  Motivate & Inspire

Personal training gives you encouragement to start and continue on your path.  By gradually building your own self confidence, understanding your capabilities and believing in yourself you end up becoming unstoppable on your route to self discovery and change.

#10. See Results Quicker Than Training On Your Own

By working alongside a personal trainer and putting all the above practices into place you will see that your health and wellness will begin to flourish.  Your trainer will point out things to you that you might not necessarily see on your own.  The results could be physical, mental, or emotional, whichever they are, good healthy results equals progress and change.

The Takeaway

Personal training benefits you in so many different ways.  With the help of someone that is dedicated to getting you back on track, who cares about your goals and wants you to achieve sustainable results, your health is definitely worth the investment. 

So stop thinking and start doing… If you’re reading this article, in the mind of hiring a personal trainer, then do it.  Find a trainer that you like and enjoy their style of programs and get moving. 

It’s time to start feeling good about yourself again so that you can live a healthier, fuller and happier life.  Get out there and do it! 

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