A Brand Birthed from My Personal Struggle

Now I help others who want to overcome their own challenges


A struggle that started from my teenage years. As a teenager, I had arms and legs that made me look different from regular kids my age. This made me feel different; I was extra conscious of my body and always struggled to do things right.

To make things worse, I had a crappy diet and this made me cycle in and out of the pattern of weight loss and weight gain; this challenge developed into serious weight issues through the years. In addition to these terrible lifestyle choices, I slept little, had an overly active social lifestyle, could not keep to an exercise routine and had terrible eating habits

My sojourn in Sydney, Australia landed me in the wrong crowd. I drank and dabbled heavily into drugs. I fell sick and decided to move to Ibiza after 5 years of doing nothing productive – a decision that further worsened my crisis.

Furthermore, I spiralled into heavy drinking to the point of constant blackouts, fell into depression and gained unhealthy weight.

This was the point of reawakening for me…..

I started with a trainer and got into really good shape, I was fit and strong and I could lift weights and do exercises and things that I never thought possible; I discovered the balance again in my life with fitness and I started to feel good about myself again.

Also, I became more focused, more driven and more determined to achieve and do my best. This made me feel great, it made me feel confident and, it gave me many positive opportunities that changed my life.

As someone who started to struggle with my looks and weight much early in life, fitness and sports became my escape.

Sports and fitness made all the difference for me and, I got immersed in different sports – scuba diving, hiking, rope jumping, mountain walking and more. I also found yoga, Wing Chun and music.

Apart from these, I also developed a passion for food. I enjoyed exploring healthy variations of my favorite foods and this greatly helped me deal with my weight issues.

Over the years, I have dealt with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. I am someone who has survived (and is still surviving) the most addictive challenges. I currently have Osteoarthritis of the spine and Relapsing Polychondritis.

My challenges have shaped me to overcome my own personal struggle…

My health challenges have forced me to explore healthy eating as an alternative way to stay fit. I am always looking to find healthy and affordable ways to develop new meals from old recipes. I also continuously try to explore exercises and fitness routines that are easy to adapt, flexible and suitable for different health needs.

Being able to survive my health issues and, being able to overcome my addictions has been no mean feat, but, I consider myself a survivor.

Today, I work to help others who are currently treading the path I have successfully overcome.

More importantly, I help others who want to overcome their own personal struggle; who want to stay fit and live better lives.  I have been there, done that.  Now I want to help people to the same – To achieve and be the best they can be and, to understand that they can change!

I may have made mistakes in my life that I am not proud of but, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.  My experience has taught me to appreciate the life that I have and find ways to make it better.  This is the gift that I am sharing with the rest of the world.

My Approach

I am someone who is authentic about helping you meet your health and fitness goals.  There is a lot of confusion finding good, health-friendly answers in a sea of products and treatments that are available on the market today and I want to show you that it does not need to be that complicated.

Teaching people that there is no shortcut when it comes to health and fitness is absolute and it takes time to get safe, sustainable results.  Therefore, I do not promote elite treatments, expensive gym memberships or diets that are unrealistic and unsustainable.  Just good honest hard work and commitment is what it takes to get long term results.

My personal training programs offer support, advice and guidance with a straight forward fitness schedule that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.  I offer verifiable training that will work on making changes to your diet and daily exercise patterns.  Taking small sound steps each day so that you can be consistent in your day-to-day life.

A Brand Birthed From My Own Personal Struggle