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Are you looking for an online personal trainer to personally build a workout program for you? Do you need someone to check in with you from time to time to make sure you are adhering to your program and give you the extra motivation you need? If so, you’re in the right place!

Full Transformation

Do you need complete support in your transformation?  Full custom programming depending on your goals, bi-weekly online personal training session, nutrition conslutation, meal plans, Q&A with me at any time and App access.

Motivation Coaching

Are you stuck in the middle? Can you workout on your own but might slip out of focus from time to time?  Keep in touch with the trainer more frequently through personal training and nutrition consultations.

Preliminary Coaching

Are you quite competent at training on your own?  Just need a few extra workouts to spice up your normal routine?  Touch base with the trainer from time to time to review your assess your workouts. 

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Workout anytime, anywhere with the Jennuine Fitness reistance band kit.  Ideal for muscle training, fat burning, flexibility and rehabilitation of any part of the body.  Gain the freedom to exercise on your terms!

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​​I am someone who is passionate about helping others that have emotional or physical pain.  Whether it be from needing to lose weight or regain emotional strength or for those that are dealing with an illness, disability, chronic pain or inflammation.  

Helping others achieve optimal, functional,  physical health and happiness is exceptionally important to me.   I don’t believe in following the trends, especially cost-intensive solutions or fad diets.  I promote sustainable fit healthy living by encouraging daily exercise, healthy eating and improving daily habits. 

I understand that everybody is different.  What works for one person may not necessarily be the best option for another.  Therefore, my job as your fitness coach is to provide the guidance, support, advice and motivation you need to improve one day at a time. 

Health and wellness is my life as I know it the only way to make myself feel good with my condition.  For most of my life I have suffered with pain and inflammation of the legs and low back with a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis.  This has made me compassionate and dedicated in helping people feel better about themselves and encouraging them that they can change.   For me, the ultimate satisfaction lies in helping my clients live better, fuller and happier lives.


Jen was amazing! She taught my oldest daughter how to properly swim and get even more confidence in water, and my son left the island jumping in the water without swimmers and with a huge feeling of achievement! was fantastic! We also booked her for Personal training sessions, which were great! I highly recommend her work. Besides being super professional, patient and really really nice!


We were staying in Ibiza for a long period of time and wanted a personal trainer for my wife who had just given birth and also someone who could help our other children with swimming lessons. Jen worked with us for the whole trip and I have to say was fantastic, very personable, friendly and made every session / lesson very fun. Our children can both now swim after the improvements Jen made and my wife loved her style / programme regarding personal training. We loved having her help us on our holiday and couldn’t recommend her enough!



"This has been the best holidays in Ibiza so far as we had brilliant swim lessons for the girls (10), great new swimming styles as well as lots of fun with aqua dancing and ballet. Jen knows how to motivate the kids and never gets tired of being super positive with them. I can highly recommend her!.”


Jenn was truly amazing as a fitness and swimming coach. Our daughter made immense progress in a very short period of time, which was not an easy task. Thank you so much Jenn and we look forward to next year!


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