Nang Yuang Viewpoint

Nang Yuan viewpoint off the mainland of Koh Tao is a quick and easy walk if you want to get off the beach for a while.  You access the path from the end of the beach from Nang Yuan Island.   It is a great spot to see the two islands that are connected by a beautiful sand bar and crystal clear waters.

To get there you take a water taxi or ferry from mainland Koh Tao.  You can also take day trips from the surrounding islands

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

How to Get To Nang Yuang Viewpoint

In all honesty this walk is super easy.  You start by taking the board walk at the south end of the beach and follow the promenade round the coastline.  Then after about 5 mins you will reach a sign directing you up the hill to the top.

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

The climb is a little steep but easy.  There is a concrete path that leads through overgrowth to the top which is easy to follow and is a nice gentle climb.

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

When you reach the top of Nang Yuan viewpoint there are few boulders to climb which gets you up to the viewpoint.  This part is a little tricky but if you take your time the climb is manageable.

It is important to note that there are no barriers or wooden support floors when you arrive.  It’s just good old fashioned rock.  Be careful and take your time, especially if you are with children and don’t go too close to the edge.

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

The sign at the start of the walk to the top advises people not to climb the top rock.  You can access the rock below but there is one more slightly above the viewpoint.   It can get incredibly windy up there and climbing the top rock is not safe, so if you are going to do it then be careful!

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Boardwalk and stair climb
Time: 10-15 mins each way (20-30 mins)

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Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

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