So my boyfriend has just bought me a industrial second hand juicer for 20€ which I am super happy with.  I have always wanted a juicer but never really had the cash to buy one.  It is always one of those items that I will say I’ll get but never get round to buying, but low and behold the boyfriend pulled through…  and he has said that this is the best thing he has ever bought me… which he’s right 🙂

So here’s one of my first smoothies, served in a pint glass and had a head like a pint but with a green body…. well it made me laugh.

Looking forward to lots of juice and alternative recipes to come

Here’s the recipe for my morning pint of  #goodness
1 x large orange
1 x inch of ginger
2 x large sticks of celery
2 x handful of spinach
1 x apple

1. Juice all green items in one glass
2. Juice ginger and orange in another glass, I used a pint glass.
3. Tip green glass contents into pint glass


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