The green morning juice is a something tasty I made before work this morning.  My boyfriend bought me a industrial second hand juicer for 20€ which I am super happy with and I wanted to test it straight away.

I have always wanted a juicer but I never got round to buying so I am so ecstatic that I actually now have one

So here’s one of my first smoothies, served in a pint glass and had a head like a pint but with a green body…. well it made me laugh.

Looking forward to lots of juice and alternative recipes to come, Here’s the recipe for my morning pint of  #goodness



1 x large orange
1 x inch of ginger
2 x large sticks of celery
2 x handful of spinach
1 x apple



1. Juice all green items in one glass
2. Juice ginger and orange in another glass, I used a pint glass.
3. Tip green glass contents into pint glass


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