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Helping You Regain Your Strength and Achieve


At Jennuine Fitness, we promote sustainable healthy living by helping people embrace better and more realistic lifestyle choices. By introducing them to safe nutrition and good health practices our clients are shown how to adapt and implement changes in their normal daily eating and training patterns for optimized physical and mental performance as well as significant improvements in general health.

For me, the ultimate satisfaction lies in helping my clients live better lives.


To help people live their best lives by providing them with the resources they need to discover, embrace a healthy and affordable sustainable lifestyle.


At Jennuine, we are committed to helping people like us achieve their goals for safe and healthy living. Our approach is natural, achievable and affordable. We are not interested in charging high fees or introducing complicated diets; we are just invested in showing people how to live healthier and more rewarding lives  

My Approach

I am someone who is authentic about helping you meet your health and fitness goals.  There is a lot of confusion finding good, health-friendly answers in a sea of products and treatments that are available on the market today and I want to show you that it does not need to be that complicated.

Teaching people that there is no shortcut when it comes to health and fitness is absolute and it takes time to get safe, sustainable results.  Therefore, I do not promote elite treatments, expensive gym memberships or diets that are unrealistic and unsustainable.  Just good honest hard work and commitment is what it takes to get long term results.

My personal training programs offer support, advice and guidance with a straight forward fitness schedule that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.  I offer verifiable training that will work on making changes to your diet and daily exercise patterns.  Taking small sound steps each day so that you can be consistent in your day-to-day life.

A Brand Birthed From My Own Personal Struggle

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