Jump Rope

Do you need a little bit of motivation and guidance to get you started in your transformation process?

Here you will find everything you need to do with jump rope.  Jumping rope is one of the most practical cost effective and fun exercises there is.  There is need to pay for a gym membership or health club fees when all you need is a jump rope.

Not only is it practical but you can practice your skills anywhere.  You burn major calories, it improves your cardiovascular health, bone deficiency, breathing effectiveness, improves your coordination and more!

I like to take my rope with me where ever I go.  If I have the opportunity on my lunch break or even on holiday then I will get it out and just start jumping.  Therefore, this is what is so good about using a skipping rope to train.

Research shows that just 6 minutes of jumping a day can really improve your health and wellbeing.  It makes you feel happy (especially when you get some great tunes on) and you get fit at the same time.  You can start your journey jumping rope very easily.  All you need is a good rope, some patience and some good tunes.

Do you want to get started and looking for some tunes to get you motivated? 

Check out my track suggestions on the motivation page.



This blog site is new and I am working on all the new exciting jump rope articles for you to enjoy.  If there is anything that you would like to see from this site then please drop me an email and let me know.

I also like to post a lot about jumping rope on my instagram, and on my Youtube channel.  If this is what you like then please head over to check it out.


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