Here are the main moves for the jump rope and legs workout.  A description on how to perform each exercise are listed below and the modifications if you need them.


Stand up tall with you core tight and shoulders back. Start with the jump rope behing you and then swing the rope over your head.  When the rope passes your eyes jump up and allow the rope to pass under your feet.  Arms and wrists are relaxed down by your side.  You may find that doing a double bounce is easier for you and that is fine.  Continue to jump up and down until you hear the timer.

To modify the move if you don’t have a jump rope, mimic the move by jumping up and down on the spot.


Start with your feet hit width apart and your knees above your ankles.  With your chest up and your spine straight squat your bum out and down towards the back and go as low as you can without compromising your form.   Try to imagine there is a chair behind you that you are trying to sit on before coming back up to standing. 

To modify place your hands on your knees as you squat down for support. 


Stand up tall with your core tight and shoulder back and start with the jump rope behind you and your feet together.  Jump your feet out to the side and pass the rope under your feet in this movement.  Then jump back in to the centre and jump again.  Repeat the movement as if you are doing a jumping jack but with the skipping rope.

To modify without a rope perform normal jumping jack legs and mimic the rope in your hands. 


Start low with your feet out at 10 to 2 and wider than hip with apart.  Put your bum down and keep your chest up.  Jump your feet into the centre and then back out to the side again whilst keeping your ankles over your knees.  Try to stay low the entire time.

To modify remove the jump and perform a normal sumo squat with your feet at 10 and 2, wider than hip width and your knees over your ankles.  Squat up and down whilst keeping your chest up.


Stand up tall with your core tight and your shoulders back.  For this move your feet are alternating going forwards and backwards.  When the rope passes your eyes jump the rope with one foot in front then as you bring it behind you swap the feet round and jump the rope again.  Keep on performing the alternating feet until you hear the timer. 

To modify jump the feet forwards and backwards without the rope,  Stay nice and light on your feet and keep your core tight.


Start with your feet together then lunge forwards on one leg so that your knee in over your ankle and at 90 degress or as low as you can go.  Use that supporting leg to push back to standing then repeat on the other side.  Keep your chest up and core tight. 

To modify lunge forwards and use your hands for support on your knee.  Do not lunge all the way down to a 90 degree angle if you feel your range of motion or knees will not allow you to do so.  Just do the best you can.


Stand up tall with your core tight, your shoulders back and your feet together.  Start with the rope behind you, take it over your head and jump your feet to the side.  As the rope passes under your feet jump across to the other side and repeat. 

To modify the move jump from side to side with your feet together and your core tight.


Start in centre position whilst standing up straight and your core tight.  Lunge across to one side so that your knee is over your ankle and the other leg is straight.  Try to go nice and low so that your knee is at a 90 degree angle and your bum is out the back and keep your chest up. 

To modify perform the same movement but use your hands for support by placing them on your knees as you go down into the side lunge.


Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your core tight.  Start with the rope behind and swing it over the top of your head.  Kick one foot up behind you like you are trying to kick your bum as you jump the rope.  When you take the rope overhead and jump lift the other leg and repeat the alternating feet. 

To modify kick alternating feet up towards your bum.  Make sure you keep your chest up and shoulders back with your core tight.


Stand with your legs hip width apart and your legs straight and core tight.  Bend your torso at your hips so that you keep your chest up and your back flat.  Try to think that someone is trying to throw a piece of popcorn down your top so that your chest stays up and you do not bend your back.  Another option would be to look up into the corner of the room whilst you move up and down.   Squeeze your core and stand up straight on each repitition. 

To modify, bend your knees a little and do not bend all the way down.  Keep your chest up with your back flat.


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