John-Suwan Rock Viewpoint

John-Suwan rock viewpoint in Koh Tao was a great little find whilst out on our daily walk.  I would definitely recommend this if you are visiting the picturesque island and want to get a feel for the shape and size of Koh Tao.

We left Mae Head and headed south for about an hour until we came to the furthest part of the island.  There was a sign post for Freedom Beach, Taa Toh Beach and John Suwan Rock Viewpoint. 

Now, who doesn’t like a viewpoint?  Well, Scott!  The walk was enough for him so I left him on Freedom Beach and then headed up the hill on my own.

John Suwan rock viewpoint Koh Tao Thailand

The entrance was pretty easy to find.  Pass the run down hotel and follow the path uphill. 

A Thai lady will be in a hammock collecting entries for the John-Suwan Rock which.  The cost at the time was 50 baht per person.

John Suwan rock viewpoint Koh Tao Thailand

Going Up To John Suwan Rock Viewpoint

I was not expecting this type of climb.  It was very rocky and the small stones were like thin gravel which made the path slippery.  It made me feel a bit nervous in parts, especially as I was wearing flip flops and these were clearly not the right kind of shoes.

There were big boulders to climb and ropes in areas to help you get up.

When you reach what you think is the top you can’t see anything.   Then you realize that you have to squeeze through a very small gap in the cliff and then climb the very last part which is rope assisted.

The top is open and there is no viewing platform, you have to work your way round the various rocks to take pictures.  To be honest, it can be a little nerve racking if you’re not a fan of heights.  There were no safety rails and the wind was quite intense, but the view was perfect.

John Suwan rock viewpoint Koh Tao Thailand

Was John Suwan Rock Viewpoint Worth it?

You can see the bays of Chalok Baan Kao and Thian Og with the beautiful turquoise waters below.  The hilly north in the distance with the lush greenery is spectacular.

Definitely well worth the climb.  I would recommend that you do not wear flip flops like I did and put on a sturdier type of shoe. 

Duration: 15-20 minute climb up

Terrain: Steep, rocky path rope assisted im parts.

Difficulty: 3 out 5

Notes: Do not wear flip flops

If you like to look of this viewpoint, then check out Nang Yuang Viewpoint in Ko Tao.

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John Suwan rock viewpoint Koh Tao Thailand

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  1. Scott Leaton

    Looks stunning, will try it myself while I’m staying there too , thanks for the footwear tip I will be ditching my flip flops for me ramblers . Super cool post

    • Jennifer Bexley

      Thanks Scott, you will definitely enjoy it if you can get yourself up from Freedom Beach 😉


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