For those that want to enjoy the beauty and freedom of Yoga in Ibiza

Yoga classes in Ibiza have become a popular event all over the island and is a fantastic way to soak up that wonderful Ibiza energy whilst freeing your body and mind at the same time.

The Yoga class will be guided by the instructor and you will be led through the flow at the same pace as the rest of the people taking part.   You will practice techniques such as Pranayama (breathing), the Sun Salutation sequences, Vinyasas and asanas.   Some classes may involve more of a Ashtanga vinyasa flow which will incorporate all the key beginner yoga poses.

Jennuine Fitness hosts classes in the privacy of your own home, at a villa or at a location of your choice.  The classes are catered to people of all abilities and ages from beginners to family and private sessions.  No matter how you would like to relish in your Ibiza Yoga experience, we are here to help.

Jennuine Fitness proudly works along side Hayley and The Highs Life.

Classes available are Sattva, Kundulini, Hatha and Ashtanga

Want to drop in for a class?  Check out the classes at Freds Finca Ibiza.  Or contact me for more information

I’m currently training with Jenn now and have been throughout the summer.  Jenn is absolutely fantastic, and I can’t believe everything that she does for me.

Jenn comes to me, brings all the equipment, creates amazing playlists and gives me advice on my health, my body, fitness exercises to do when she’s not here and a bit of girly advise if needed.

It’s always fun and I leave smiling! Thanks Jenn!!

Claire Louise Carter

I love every minute training with Jennuine Fitness! Pushed to my limit with amazing results! 
Zoe Hillier

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