Lovng life with fitness, nutrition, music and travel.

Ibiza personal trainer and nutrition specialist and a self taught jump rope enthusiast.  I also have keen interests in swimming, weight lifting and Yoga. I am a personal trainer that believes that we all have to try to live our lives with a Jennuine approach without any false conceptions or fads.  Although we have to work hard in life to get what we want but it does not mean that we have to take everything so seriously.  We are who we are and all we can do is try our best.

I have a deep desire to encourage people to improve their health and fitness.  I want to motivate and inspire people to believe that anything is possible if you really try.



Sports have always been apart of my life since I was a teenager.  I was never particularly any good at anything in specific but I enjoyed how they made me feel and I always given them my best shot. 

I have always had a sturdy build and have been conscious about my arms and legs but nonetheless, I am strong and I cannot change who I am.

In the past I have been a yoyo dieter and exerciser and have had weight issues since my teenage years.

I like to swim, run, jump rope and lift weights, I practice yoga, Wing Chun, and scuba dive when I can.

Furthermore I like hiking and walking up and down mountains especially if I can take someone (or maybe the neighbours dog) with me.

Additionally music is my passion, in fact it gives me a kick when I train.   I am motivated by the tunes that I listen to and as a result I also feel like I am expressing myself when I train.

Food is another enjoyment of mine.  I have always liked to eat and I love to make alternative healthy variations especially the foods that we like but are maybe not so good on the thighs 😉

Over the years I have dealt with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.  For that reason I understand the importance of addictions and how to overcome them.

Lastly, I’m 35 and have osteoarthritis of the spine.  As a result I know the importance of keeping ourselves fit and flexible and strong.

Ibiza personal trainer


Personal trainer and nutrition specialist certified with the International Sports Sciences Association.

Swimming teacher with Swimming Teacher Association UK.  Previous qualifications in lifeguarding and water aerobics instruction.

Self taught jump rope enthusiast

PADI Certified in Advanced Scuba diving

Yoga enthusiast and on route to becoming yoga instructor in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga.



Committing yourself to a fitness program or activity enables you to learn the truth about yourself and your goals.

It is important to understand that you don’t have to bust your balls with a training program each day.  Along with a well balanced nutrition program you can effectively achieve your fitness goals.

In addition, health and wellness is not all about the way you look but more about the way you feel and how you perform in life each day.

If you slip up, it’s OK!  We are all human so the next day you get up and you start again.

To conclude, the wold is our perfect training place, there is no need to lash out on expensive gym equipment and we can train where our hearts desire.

Looking for an Ibiza personal trainer?

If you are looking for an Ibiza personal trainer to either kick start your fitness regime or spice up your current workout or nutrition program then contact me.

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