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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Struggle to Get Motivated?

I know, I’ve been there… and I understand the struggles when trying to implement changes to your life.  But, don’t worry…I am here to help you feel confident and reassured, knowing that you are in safe, caring hands will inspire you to strap up those shoes, commit and change your life one day at a time.

Jennuine Fitness offers motivational high energy group sessions to suit your training goals.  These Ibiza fitness classes focus on your technique and posture which gives you an ultimate training experience like no other.  You get fit with confidence and also feel the inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of Ibiza at the same time.

Whether you are on holiday with friends or live on the island, Jennuine Fitness offers specialised fitness classes to people of all ages and abilities.  For instance, these could be at your villa, a location of your choice or at a scheduled class.

Ibiza Fitness classes

Ibiza Fitness Classes Offered

Total Body Conditioning

Works the entire body by using every major muscle group. It focuses on body weight and resistance exercises with bands or weights

High Intensity Interval Training

All out workout combining strength and cardio to create a versatile high intensity session that is performed in strenuous bursts.

Jump Rope Training

Involving intervals and multi-functional exercises that uses every component of the body.  It is challenging, heart rate elevating and fun.


Focuses on kicking, punching and core work. Delivering a great balance between cardio, resistance work & circuits that will burn calories and tone.

Cardio & Resistance Training

Incorporating functional exercises that improve your muscle density and increase endurance.

Balance, Strength & Mobility

Classes improve core control, increase strength and enhance mobility. Using methods that keep the muscles strong and healthy.

Water Aerobics

A fun, low impact water session that improves balance, increases core strength and flexibility and helps you reduce fat and tone.


Classes involve Ashtanga vinyasa flow, Hatha and Bikram which incorporate all the key beginner Yoga Asanas

How Do I know If Fitness Classes Are Right For Me?

Finding a good personal trainer can be a hard task in todays world.  As an Elite Trainer with the ISSA and with over 20 years experience, I can guarantee you that personal training with me with give you the confidence and care you need to start and maintain your fitness and wellness journey.

I want to start an exercise plan but don't know how

Personal training allows you to develop the skills required to progress into you own training regime.  I will assist you with all the tools you need to comfortably train on your own in the comfort of your own home or at a gym.

Finding time to get to a gym is difficult

I understand that time is precious and planning to exercise is normally not at the top of people’s priorities.  Personal training gives you the relief and freedom knowing that your trainer will conveniently come to you so that you can continue your daily routine without any disruption. 

I have chronic pain and would like to feel safe during exercise

Do you suffer with back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis or any other chronic illness or injury?  As a specialist in exercise therapy I can assist you with exercises that will allow you to get results in a safe and controlled environment. 

What do I do in a personal training session? I've never done one before...

Don’t worry if you are new to personal training as I will make sure that you feel reassured throughout the learning process the entire time.  Every client is unique and we will take our time to work on your strengths and weaknesses in order to get the results you want. 

I don't want to train alone. Can I train with my husband or friend?

Sure! Personal training sessions are meant to be fun and if you want to train with someone then that’s perfectly fine with me.  You can train up to three people in one session, please send me an email for more info. 

How It Works

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