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Regain Your Strength With Ibiza Fitness Classes

Are you looking for motivation, inspiration and some healthy competition?

Are you looking for group fitness classes in Ibiza?  Are you looking for something a little different, don’t like the gym, can’t afford a personal trainer?  Do you want motivation, results and do you feel that you may have better success with a small fitness family? 

Motivational group personal training sessions in San Antonio focus on strength, endurance and yoga with key emphasis on technique and posture.

Jennuine Ibiza fitness classes are ideal for those that want to gain confidence and get physically and mentally fit in a non-intimidating environment.

I’m a qualified personal trainer, exercise therapist, nutritionist and yoga instructor – so whatever your needs and goals, I’ve got your back 

Whether you are on holiday with friends or live on the island, Jennuine Fitness offers specialised fitness classes to people of all ages and abilities.  

For long term training plans, you have the option to join the Jennuine Fitness App.  With online App access you are able to record your body stats, upload progress photos, log your food and also preview and review your workouts and also workout with me on demand.

Current Schedule

  • Monday – Thursday 18:00 – 19:00 (Fitness)
  • Friday 13:30 – 14:30 (Yoga)

Classes consist a combination of the following workouts;

Total Body Conditioning┃High Intensity Interval Training┃Jump Rope┃Boxercise┃Cardio & Resistance┃Balance, Strength and Mobility┃Yoga

Are you in Ibiza with friends and family and would like an instructor to come to do a fitness class with you at your villa or hotel?  If so, we are happy to help, please get in touch to check availability.

Have you booked your sessions? Please take the time to fill out the registration and waiver before the first class, thanks!

Fitness Registration Form & Waiver

Motivation & Inspiration

The best way to motivate yourself and push through that extra rep is by having other people by your side.  No matter if you are  a beginner or more experienced with fitness, having the encouragement and people to push and cheer you on is inspirational on so many levels. 

Alignment & Proper Form Helps Reduce Injury

Group exercise is a great middle ground between working out alone and hiring a personal trainer.   You have the benefit of the instructor showing you what to do and making any corrections to your movements.  This helps you to understand and improve your form and also reduces the risk of injury.

Add Variety to Your Workouts

Doing the same exercises over and over again can become boring and may also impair your results.  Switching things up and keeping your body guessing encourages your body to adapt quickly and helps prevent plateaus.   

Community Builds Commitment

Being part of a group of individuals who are on the same journey as you can be highly beneficial to your progress.  No matter what your goals are, whether it is to lose weight or improve your strength and endurance, there is always someone that’s got your back.  

Ibiza Fitness Classes


Impossible to find a better work out in Ibiza ! Jen really knows her stuff and you can tell that he has a real passion for it ! I have been working out with Jen for the last 4 years and will continue to do so whenever I am on the white isle.


“Loved Jenns classes at Freds. It was definitely what I needed after a few to many beers and meals out that holiday. She had us skipping about to house music and the classes were great fun, but I felt the ache the next day! I went back the next day for her yoga class with some of my friends though and stretched it out. Really pleased I found these and would definitely recommend”



“Thank you for tonight jen absolutely enjoyed your class, I would recommend this to anybody, amazing work out,I feel fantastic great results