Free Online Fitness Consultation


Are you struggling to get started with your transformation or feel that you need a little bit of guidance with your plan?  Do you need some motivation or inspiration?  Or maybe you just simply want to chat with someone that understands the struggle?  I’ve been there and I want to help you.  Meeting your fitness dreams may not be as hard as what you think and I want to make this a reality for you.

With a free online fitness consultation we look at how we can motivate and transform your lifestyle into the one you desire.  We also look at how to apply small changes to your day to day life which make you feel fit, happy and healthy.

free online fitness consultation


  • Short questionnaire that is filled out in the moment you book your appointment.
  • Medical history and lifestyle evaluation.
  • Assessment of short and long term goals.
  • Analysis of your current fitness and nutrition approach.
  • Strategies on how we can work towards your transformation goals.

The 15 minute free online fitness consultation is a no obligation call.  It will determine if I can assist you with your upcoming online fitness program and help you implement changes to your lifestyle.  It also allows us to look at whether we can work together and create a plan that is suited to your needs. If you feel that this is not for you then no problem, I am happy that you have taken the time to contact me 💜

Once you have selected your time for the call and filled in the questionnaire you are ready to go.  However, the more details you provide on the initial questionnaire, the better.  It will give us more to talk about during the consultation in how we can meet your goals.

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