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Start Your Transformation With A Free Online Fitness Consultation

Take the first step and start your journey today

Do you feel that it’s time for change and want to speak to someone in a free online fitness consultation?  Are you looking to start your fitness journey and motivate yourself and want to talk to someone that understands your struggle?

The free online fitness consultation calls last 15 minutes so the more information you provide in the initial questionnaire the better.  Calls will most likely run over so please make sure you allocate at least 20 -30 minutes for the chat. 

With the information that we gather through the initial questionnaire and our talk together we are able to assess what it would take for you to get long lasting sustainable results.  We take a look at your medical history, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition approach and short and long term goals. 

Then, we discuss how you can start to put small exercise and daily habit changes into practice and begin your transformation journey.  So that you can start living a fuller, healthier and happier life.

Short Questionnaire Upon Booking Your Appointment

The more details you provide on the initial questionnaire, the better.  This will help me to determine where you are in your current fitness and nutrition regime and how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Medical History & Lifestyle Evaluation

We’ll take a look at your medical history and lifestyle patterns and assess what form of exercise and duration is suitable for you.  Please specify if you have any previous injuries, chronic pain or illnesses that may affect your training and motivation.

Analysis Of Your Current Fitness & Nutrition Approach

We’ll dive into your daily exercise and nutrition patterns and discuss how you feel about your lifestyle and what ways you want to change.  Try to be as open and honest as possible so that we can discuss what is holding you back and what you need to do to change.

Assessment of short and long term goals

With the background information in mind we can assess your short and long term goals.  By setting realistic targets you can then start putting small daily changes into practice.

Strategies on how we can work towards your goals

I’ll give you a list of different strategies that you can take away to get started.  We’ll also discuss the ways we can work together through online coaching and the fitness app so that you can stay committed and achieve your goals.