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Frequently Asked

Can I get a refund on the products or services?

Of course, if you are at all unsatisfied with any of the products or services a full refund will be made to your bank account.

What happens after I have paid for online coaching?

A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox thanking you for your purchase, then you will be sent the relevant links to download the app to start your program.

Do I need any equipment to start a personal training program?

No, all equipment will be brought to the session.  If you did want to purchase equipment further into the program then the best solutions to meet your needs will be discussed.  

How do I cancel or re-schedule a training session?

Training sessions can be moved to an alternative day or time but you will need to advise the instructor 24 hours before or the session will be forfeited.

Can I talk before signing up for a program or package?

Sure, please feel free to schedule a call with me to discuss your objectives, goals and requirements.