Beginners HIIT Workout

New to exercise, just starting out or only have a small amount of time on your hands?  This workout will raise your heart rate, burn calories and leave you feeling pumped and fresh.

The 10 minute workout HIIT consists of 30 seconds exercise 30 seconds rest.  The aim it to work at 90% of your maximum heart rate for the session to classify as HIIT.

Always remember to listen to your body when you train.  It is important to exercise safely to avoid injury so that you can continue to exercise on a regular basis. Try to complete every 30 second round but if you need to take a break then do it.  Give yourself a second and then get stuck back in. 💪  And don’t forget to warm up!

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Beginners HIIT Workout – The Moves

Here are the moves for the workout.  If you find that some of the exercises are a little tricky for you at this stage then follow the modifications.  It is perfectly okay to modify the moves and you can still get a great workout this way. 

#1. Jump Squats

Start low in squat position with your feet hip width apart.  Keep your knees over your ankles and sit back like you are trying to sit on an imaginary chair.  Do not let your knees go in front of toes then jump up and reach your arms up to the sky and repeat.

For the modification leave out the jump and perform the squat.

#2. Plank Jack

Start in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists.  Keep your bum down, core tight and your back flat.  Jump your feet out to the side and then back in again, like a jump jack but in a plank postition.

To modify remove the jump and step out to the side and back in again one foot at a time.

#3. Power Lunge Jumps

Start in a lunge position then jump and swap your feet around whilst landing in a lunge.  Keep your knees over your ankles and do not let them go in from of your toes.  Squeeze the core, keep your body upright and use your opposite arm to leg for balance.

To modify, take out the jump and perform normal lunges.

#4. Standing Scissors

Start with your feet wide and one in front of the other.  Keep your knees slightly bent, jump and swap your feet around.  Swing your opposite arm to leg at the same time. So that you take it up to your shoulder and then back down and repeat.

To modify, slow the move down and do not jump as high when you swap the feet over.

#5. Burpee

Stand tall with your feet together and your arms in the sky.  Take your arms to the floor and jump back into a plank position whilst keeping your core tight, bum down and back flat.  Jump back in to your hands, jump up and reach your hands to the sky.  Then repeat.

To modify remove the jumps and step your feet one at a time out to plank and then back in again.

#6. Sumo Squat Jumps

Start low with your feet together and your bum out the back as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair.  Jump your feet out to the side, just a bit wider than your hips.  Stay low the entire time and keep your chest up so your back is flat.

To modify, remove the jump and then step each foot out the side and squat.  Step each foot in and squat again.

#7. High Kick

Stand tall with your core tight.  Kick one leg up as high as you can whilst using your hips and your core to lift.  Place the leg back down on the floor and then swap the leg.  Add a little jump in between each kick to add intensity.

To modify, take out the jump and kick lower whilst keeping your core tight.

#8. Side Kick

Stand up tall with your core tight and feet together.  Lean to the side and kick your leg and keep your hands in front of you so that you can focus on your balance.

To modify, lower the kick and do not lean over as far.

#9. Push Up

Start in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists, your bum down, core tight and back flat. Keep your eyes forward and then bend your elbows and lower yourself to the floor.  Push yourself up to starting position and repeat.

To modify, perform the push up on your knees, roll the mat over or put a towel under you knees if this is uncomfortable.

#10. Plank Twist Twist

Start in plank position with your shoulders over your wrists, bum down, core tight and back flat.  Take one knee under and across your body towards your elbow, squeeze your abs as you perform the movement.  Then place your leg back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

To modify take the move slower and take the knee across the body but not all the way up to the elbow.

Workout With Me – Beginners 10 Minute HIIT Workout

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