6 Weeks Jump Rope Prgram

Like jumping rope and want to lose some pounds and tone up?  Try this 6 week jump rope program. 

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Are you interested in learning how to jump rope and lose weight?

This beginners 6 week jump rope program will be the key to get you on the road to jumping rope proficiently on your own and develop strength and flexibility.

The course will involve short workouts up to 25 minutes incorporating all key movements for jump rope, strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

For a limited time only I am offering this course for FREE – yes you read it FREE

This beginners 6 week jump rope program I am offering to you for a small commitment. 

The only thing I need from you is to provide me with a before and after picture and to follow the fitness and nutrition program.

If you think that YOU CAN COMMIT to that then please get in touch.

Be a part of the new jump rope community get fit and train with me from anywhere!


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