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I am an Ibiza based personal trainer and nutrition specialist.  I started my fitness journey 5 yrs ago just as I was turning 30, when I began to realise that I was not happy with what was happening to my body.  I have always been of a stocky build, not really big but not skinny, what people would call, I suppose… normal.  However, I have never really been happy with the way I looked, I have always had large thighs, a good size bum – which gets bigger if I don’t do anything about it and I tend to put on weight easily in these areas, especially around my belly and on my hips and under my arms…..I have always felt uncomfortable when going out to buy clothes, I always tended to avoid it…. especially if I needed a new pair of jeans 🙁

So, in 2012, when I started to feel down and depressed about the way I felt I decided that it was time to make a change, I started with a trainer and got into really good shape, I was fit, I was strong I could lift weights and do exercises like press ups and pull ups and things that I never thought that I would ever be able to do.  Also in response to the training I became more focused, more driven and more determined to achieve and do my best, it made me feel great, it made me feel confident and it gave me many positive opportunities that changed my life.   I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the lifestyle changes that I made then.  Now I want to help people do the same; to achieve and be the best they can be.

I can teach you to feel passion for fitness, to help motivate yourself to create the more determined, positive, hard working and new improved you.  With skills such as jump rope, swimming, weight lifting, running and yoga, I can show you easy routines that you can perform anywhere so that you can get the job done and feel great.

A community that wants to improve and maintain a healthy standard of living and be fit, have fun and feel great with fast effective workouts and quick healthy meals that will help you achieve your mental and physical fitness goals.

Jennuine Fitness is not superficial, shallow or obsessed in the approach.  The aim is to give you a relaxed path to your fitness and food adventure in order for you to give it your best shot.  It is understood that it takes time to make a change and the physiological stresses that we have in our lives sometimes encourage us to not make the right choices, but if it happens, it’s okay… we just have to get up, get on with it and get moving.

It is also imperative to understand that it is not important to lash out on expensive gym memberships to get fit, training outside is a great way to feel inspired and is exceptionally rewarding for the mind, body and spirit….

The world is our perfect training ground and you can achieve your goals no matter where you are.