This is a 6 minute jump rope workout that incorporates 5 basic jump rope moves.  These are the basic jump, jump jack, butt kicks, skier and high knees. The aim is to try to complete each move for 30 seconds.  However when you are just starting out this is not always possible.   If you feel tired then take a break or if you trip the rope then don’t worry.  The idea is to stay calm and continue to jump the rope in your own time.   

Jumping rope is fun so try to stay calm and enjoy it.  Create a inspirational playlist and get jumping.  For any workout mixes or jump rope music then feel free to head over to my Spotify account for some tunes 🙂


Well we all know that exercise is good for you but when you jump rope the whole whole body is used.  The core is engaged and you are using all the muscles in your legs and shoulders to be able to perform the action. 

Jumping rope has a heap of benefits, not only does it get you fit and help you to lose weight it aids respiration, increases brain power, improves bone density, and builds agility and fitness.  Click here to check out more benefits of Jump rope

#1. Basic Bounce

The basic bounce is the most fundamental jump rope move.  You keep your feet together whilst staying light on your feet and jump over the rope as it passes your eyes.   Keep the core engaged and stay focused.

#2. Jump Jack

The jump jack is a move where you take your feet directly out to the side and then jump back in to centre.  You jump the rope when your feet are in the centre position and also when they are out to the side. Keep your knees slightly bent to protect your knees.

#3. Heel Kicks

Kick your heels up behind you as if you were trying to kick your bum.  Keep your shoulders back and stand upright and keep your core engaged. Kick one foot up at a time and on each turn of the rope you change feet. 

#4. Skier

One leg goes out in front when the other leg is behind which mimics a scissor action.  Keep the knees soft and stay on the balls of your feet whilst keeping the legs close together as you jump.

#5. High Knees

This is like the basic bounce but every time you jump you are lifting the knee up towards the chest.  Use your core to lift the knee and not your hips or the force from your legs.  Keep the core engaged and find some motivation for this one as the move is quite intense.  Stay focused and keep going until you hit the 30 second make. 



Here is the video that I put up on Youtube.  Please feel free to head over to my channel and put this on and jump with me 🙂 Don’t forget to like and subscribe for weekly updates 😉

Also I would just like to point out that the intro card is wrong on the video and jump jacks is before butt kicks.  However, it doesn’t matter what order you complete the exercises in just try your best to get it done. 

Have fun jumping!!!!


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