Looking for a 5 minute warm up to prepare you for your workout?  Or simply want to get up and stretch a little?

Here is a 5 minute warm up that can be used before your training session.  It is always important to warm up before you train so that you avoid injury and can get more out of your main waorkout. 

You can also use this if you feel that you have been sat down too long and need to shake things up a bit and get mobile.

Don’t forget to listen to your body when you train.  It is important to exercise safely to avoid injury so that you can continue to exercise on a regular basis. 

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Here are the main moves for the warm up.  If you find that some of the main exercises a little tricky then follow the modifications.  It is perfectly okay to modify the moves and you can still get a great workout this way.


Stand up tall with you core tight and lift one leg up in front of you whilst trying to keep it as straight as possible.  Bring your opposite arm down from above your head and touch your toe.  Then take the arm back over your head, swap, lift the other leg and repeat. 

For the modification lift bring you leg up but not as high but still try to keep it straight.  Then touch your knee or your shin.


Stand up tall with your core tight and your hands on your head with your elbows out to the side.  Lift one knee up in front of you and then cross the opposite elbow over towards the knee and touch it.  Place the leg back down on the floor and then repeat on the other side.

To modify the move still bring the knee up and the elbow across but leave a gap in between your knee and elbow.  But still try to keep your core tight to the best of your ability. 


Stand up tall with your core tight and run on the spot.  Use your elbows and get your knees up and mimic the move as if you are running down the street.  Stay light on your feet and squeeze your abs whilst you perform the move. 

To modify, take out the run and lift on knee up at a time whilst touching your hand to knee. 


For this move you are going to do a standard jump jack with your legs going out to the side and your arms go overhead.  After you have taken your arms overhead you then take your arms out to the front and then back above your head again.  

To modify, take the jump out and step your feet out to the side one at a time whilst doing the overhead and in front arms.


Lunge forward nice and low so you knee is above your ankle and put your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height.  When you are down in the lunge twist your arms to the side in the direction of the supporting leg.  Push back up to standing and then repeat on the other side. 

To modify, lunge forward but do not take the lunge as low.


Start in centre position and stand up tall with your core tight.  Lunge over to one side and bend your knee whilst keeping it over your ankle and the other leg straight.  Try to go down as far as you can to work the inside of the thigh.  Then stand up back to the centre and repeat on the other side.  Keep on going from side to side until the timer is done.

To modify, take the side lunge a little higher and use your hands for support on your bent knee if you need to.


Stand up tall with your core tight and then lower yourself to the ground so that your hands touch the floor.  Roll out to a plank position and hold it with your bum down and shoulders over your wrists.  Then push back up into standing and repeat. 

To modify bend your knees to help you get to the floor.  If you are unable to hold a full plank on your hands and feet then drop to your knees and hold it there before pushing back into standing. 


Push back on your hands so that your bum is up in the air and your legs are straight.  Press your heels down to the floor, squeeze your stomach and push away with your hands and shoulders so that your spine is straight. 

To modify hold the downward dog but bend your knees a little if you find that your hamstrings are a little tight. 


Lunge forward so that your knee is over your ankle then place your back leg on the floor with your foot flat on the floor.  Push your weight slightly over your knee so that you feel a stretch in your hip flexor on the other side.  Take your arms up above your head to lengthen your spine and stretch out your abs. 

To modify, do not push so far forward over the knee if your hip flexor is super tight and use your hands for support by placing them the supporting legs thigh.


Walk your legs in slowly whilst keeping your legs straight and your hands on the floor.  Then roll up to standing nice and slow stacking one vertebrae at a time.

To modify bend your knees and walk in whilst keeping your hands on the floor and then stand up slowly. 


Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and your chest up.  Sit back into a squat as if you are going to sit down on a chair. Hold it for a breif second and then return to standing and repeat.   Keep your chest up and your core tight.

To modify squat down but do not go as low and use your hands for support on your thighs if you need to. 


Start in a squat position with your feet hip width apart, knees over your ankles, your chest up and core tight.  Then you bring your arms up to your ears and hold it whilst keeping your bum down.  Keep your chest up by looking up to the corner of the room which will keep your spine straight. 

To modify, squat down with your bum out of the back but go just as low as you can.  Try to keep your chest up to the best of your ability and use your hands for support on your knees if you need to. 


Stand up straight with one foot in front of the other.  Then take your arms up overhead and lean in the direction of the foot that is crossed in front whilst taking the arm on the same side in that direction and the other arm down to the side.   Look up into the arm and twist your head to the sky whilst trying to get the most out of the stretch.  Then repeat on the other side.

To modify take iit easy on the side stretch and keep your head facing fowards.


Stand up tall and take both hands up above your head then take them behind you whilst leading with your elbows and squeeze your back muscles together. 

To modify… there isn’t really a modification for this one just stretch your back muscles out by squeezing your shoulder blades together. 


If you have any questions or suggestions about the workouts then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.  Also if you like this workout then please check out my other workouts posts.

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