After my last two jump rope posts I thought it would be a nice idea to give you 11 moves that I found were useful to learn when you first start to jump rope. Included are the written examples of how to perform each move and a short video. It’s always great to get outdoors and train, especially if the weather is good and you have a nice place to go. I am very blessed for this.

If you need a little bit of guidance on how to get started then please feel free to check out: How To Jump Rope: Getting started

See below for video.

#1 Bounce Jump

This is the most important move to master, stay relaxed, keep your weight on the balls of your feet and do not bend your knees. Jump when the rope comes over the top of your head and when you see it pass your eyes.

#2 Alternate foot step

Jump 4 times and then alternate hop for 4 jumping the rope after every jump. Keep your weight nice and light on your feet as you jump. Be sure to alternate which foot you start the hop sequence on. L,R,L,R for example.

#3 Skier

 Legs straight very much like scissors but keep your knees soft. Place one foot in front and then swap and jump the rope after every landing.

#4 Side Straddle

 Same as skier but out to the side.

#5 Jump Jack

Just like side straddle but with jump jack legs, cross one in front of the other and then do the other side jumping the rope on every move

#6 Forward Bounce

With your feet together jump forwards and backwards like a pendulum and jump on every movement.

 #7 Side Jump

Feet together, just like box jump forwards but side to side.

#8 Complete box jump

Combines the forward box jump and the side box jump together. Start in a direction that makes you feel comfortable and then work around the clock jumping the rope on every move.

#9 Half twister

Feet together, twist from side to side whilst jumping over the rope. You want to aim for 9 O’clock, 12 O’clock and 3 O’clock. Jump over the rope when you are at each side.

#10 High Knee (run on the spot)

Staying on the tips of your toes, keep your knees up high and run whilst rotating the rope at the same time.

#11 Arm Cross Over

This move I performed by accident at the end of the video, force of habit I suppose. Swing the rope over your head whilst crossing your arms in front at waist level. Once you have jumped the rope take your arms out to the side of your body to uncross. Cross and uncross on subsequent jumps.

 Tip: Focus on the first two moves, once you have got these move on to the others and remember that practice makes perfect, keep on trying and you will get it!

Did you practice these 11 jump rope moves?  Let me know how you go on in the comments.

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